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Real quick post regarding the Indianapolis show:

1) Variations on prior set lists

2) Much cleaner show (fewer problems)

Just got home (in Bloomington) from the Indy (Vouge) show and here's the set list

1 - The Surf Talks
2 - Fix Your Gaze
3 - Black & White

did all three of these right out of the blocks, and about this time Todd realized his guitar wasn't in tune

4 - Drive
5 - UnloveD Children (loved Kasim's bass work)
6 - INSTEAD of Hit me like a train we (I) waS suprised to hear Hammer in my Heart
7 - Trapped (Kasim as lead vocals)
8 - World Wide Ephiphany

(Crowd really got into the final two songs of the first set)

Entire first set was 3 guitars - no keyboards

9 - (Start of Bossa Nova set) - Influenza
10 - Can We Still Be Friends
11 - It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
12 - Infidelity (INSTEAD of The Verb: To Love)
13 - Never Neverland
14 - NEW (sort of) Love is The Answer
15 - Born to Synthesize (a bluesy, jazz style sorta be-bop version (I suppose as close as it can get to bossa nova)
16 - Medley (I'm So Proud/Ooh Baby Baby)
17 - I Want You
18 - Espresso (again, not really bossa nova - crowd supplied a good "I'm All Jacked Up")
19 - A Dream Goes On Forever

There were a few (minor) guitar tuning problems and OH had a hard time getting a real martini (you had to be there). He got a b-day present and the crowd broke into happy birthday at least twice.

That's all for now (it's early)

Basically none of the "break-in" problems reported from the earlier show - guess the band is warmed up.

Hope the rest of the shows are at least this good.

Either you're on the bus or you're off the bus (or something like that).

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