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Alright, so we all by now know the set list doesn't really change. What we want to see and hear are the moments that make the concert standout. We know Todd has to "work" to hit the notes with the voice, but the guitar doesn't affect the voice and OH had plenty of "monster" moments in the first set.

The Vogue is a nice venue and the crowd was hyped to get the evening started. Todd and the crew didn't disappoint. My personal favs of the night were Unloved Children (Todd gets intense on those strings), Love in Action, Trapped and Worldwide. Although the set seemed short, maybe because it was so good and went by so quick, the energy was great. Nice to have half of Utopia on stage.

As for the second set, I personally like the laid-back atmosphere and set list. I would like it more if Todd could hit the notes the way we hear them, but it just goes to show, that the ultimate "showman" has his "tiny demons" also. That's where the sidekick Kas comes through. Several times throughout the second set the background vocals help carry the song when OH was getting regrouped. Still songs such as LITA, I'm so Proud, I want you and of course, the alternative "born to Synth" is excellent.

So what if at times the vocals are what if at times the timing isn't there...I heard someone in the crowd say, "this band has been together too long, they play like they don't care." I told that person he must have been at a different show.

I have seen Todd enough times throughout enough years to know this much. As long as he makes the effort to perform, I'll make the effort to support.

Final thought: Just enjoy the moment and look for the magical moments within the show. Do that and you'll find yourself enjoying these shows as much as any.....because we are all ONE WORLD...IT'S OUR WORLD.

Doug Story

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6/21/1999 - The Vogue - Indianapolis, IN

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