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the galaxy is a dinner theatre [hate that spelling] in the vein of the ventura theatre or the coach house. the dinner tables are crowded and tiered, going up in a rounded taper up toward a small balcony. a good cross section of orange county is in the house.

there is no visible detriment of TR doing his fourth consecutive gig.

the first set is rockin, as usual. problems with the pup crew continue. TR breaks a string and it takes more than a whole song to change it. TR is visibly and verbally annoyed.

no 'train' tonight. 'unloved' solo just kicks my freakin tush. 'hammer' sounds great and non-redundant for some reason, even though i've heard it every show for the last three years.

'wwe' goes over good with the pseudo-techno orange-county republican-voting crowd. TR give us black wet suit top and black jeans in set one. shades all night.

TR give us same suit and pink shirt as last night for set two. jesse's second set outfit is a matching multicolor menagerie of yellows, reds and greens.. same three-piece as last night, but diff colors. matching funky hat. oooh.

the crowd waits for TR to make a comment before 'fidelity', but doesn't as the band begins the song with no banter. that was weird.

for 'nnl', the disco ball is twice the size of roxy's ball. everyone looks up in amazement. i wonder how many really get the AWATS hook.

'LitA' is full thanks to ferenzik's great background vocals. the crowd all claps for the building bridge and sings for the last chorus.

in an unprecendented act of karma in action, TR stops the show after 'LitA', leaves his chair, and proclaims he's "gonna screw some of my friends". he asks two on-stage patrons to leave their seats and follow him to the other side of the stage where he literally invites keiko and mari up out of the audience in their place. TR goes back to his chair and tells the audience his 'friends from japan are leaving tomorrow and we're going to show them a good time'. too freakin cool.

'BTS' is still fresh. TR uses a squawk box to howl during the piano break. john 'ivana-hump-a-lot' [?] crushes the solo with soaring vocals. during the vocal break when TR 'falls asleep', he awakes and yells "can't stop...".

the motown medley visual count offs are approaching mentionable levels. TR and prairie play head games with the beginning of the two slow toons. i'm reminded during these covers that Todd never fucks them up. his flubs are always with his own toons, and never the motown covers. think about that.

overall, TR seems to be playing up the 'opening band' feel of set one, with the 'dean martin' feel of set two. set one still holds lots of surprises in many ways. set two is a balanced, matured WaT mixture of sets one and three from last WaT tour.

see you on the other side of the sandwich..

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