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the roxy is less crowded on sunday as there's breathing room and less alcohol consumption making tonight a bit more pleasurable than the flesh fest last night.

'surf' starts with a big loud "I LOVE YOU!"; the crowd loves it and the subsequent songs in set one as there's room to move around. other crowd favorites: 'love in action' and 'wwe' [?]. 'unloved' was a little too fast for me.

'hit me like a train' is back! don't expect it tomorrow night, but the good news is it's not 86ed. it sounded ok tonight, but absolutely does not fit with the balance of toons, nor does it work toward the end of the set.

'hammer' is aborted during take off as TR is holding the wrong guitar. foamy is exchanged for the black woograin which is usually tuned down. "welcome to our kosovo."

'wwe' is getting sloppy. the four bar drum breaks are turning into a free-for-all for the boys holding guitars to play whatever weird sound they can think of. not good.

TR give us black T-shirt and black jeans in set one, with gold suit and pink hawaiian shirt in set two. bucketman is in the house. the crew is still learning, and TR mentions "running a university program" and going "through so many changes i feel like Cher's face." BHH!

set two is a bit rushed at times, but still relaxed. no need to try any harder tonight. 'cwsbf' and 'LitA' are standouts with the crowd. the bossa nova works extremely well on sundays.

'synthesize' continues to amaze and delight. tonight's tangents include a tribute to O-S-C-A-R M-A-Y-E-R. TR tells the crowd to STF up when they encourage him to 'go boy' during the howling part.

no 'horizon' tonight, but overall a decent performance for a third straight night. it's rare for four shows in a row, so tomorrow's gig should be interesting.

btw, mrs venture capitalist stayed home tonight, so the stage was safe.

you know me, mr low expectations

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