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I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Todd Rundgren perform at L.A.'s Roxy last Sunday evening and what a fine show it was. I'm not anywhere near a die-hard TR fan (I really just know his hits) so a lot of the material was unfamiliar to me, but *all* of it sounded exceptional. The first half of the set consisted of upbeat rockers, many of which I found to be refreshing, interesting and very un-cliched sounding. The man is an awesome arranger! The second half of the performance showcased bossa nova versions of some of his mellower music. I admit I was skeptical about the bossa nova treatments beforehand, but the songs were so well done I was literally feeling chills up the spine on more than one occasion. Truly a pop icon. Todd seemed to genuinely enjoy himself and it showed. This was one of the best shows I've seen in quite some time (thanks NS!).

Many thanks to Pat B. in Colorado for turning me on to the many sides of TR.

Feelin' groovy,

Kerry Kompost

Kerry adds:

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