6/12 show at the Roxy

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Whew! I'll let others do the usual set list and blow-by-blow. I will say that I can't remember ever seeing Todd this jacked-up --- he was screaming and waving his arms even during most of the "Twisted" stuff. Light between songs but punk intense during them; tight, no bad flubs and only a coupla very minor hiccups. This was 180 degrees from the last solo show in these parts, with Todd meandering around the stage, fucking up big chunks of many songs, looking like he was not glad to be where he was and many in the audience agreeing. Very little (for Todd standards) chat. The man was on a mission.

A highlight for us oldsters had to be "Trapped". Kasim's opening lines sailing through the neo-baroque keyboard (Lin, one of your goosebump moments!); Kasim and Todd trading vocals through the verses; intense 3-guitar charge; pure, dead-on bg vocals. There were few dry eyes amongst those long nostalgic for the best of Utopia.

And my 11-yr-old's first show! I think he loved every minute.

--- Barry Schlom

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6/12/1999 - Roxy - West Hollywood, CA

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