Ventura Theater and Sunday at the Roxy

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I just wanted to add to Romo's review that the light show at the Ventura Theater was beautiful. Palm trees tower over the Tiki Bar with turning clouds in a sky that goes to the deepest of twilight purple. I sat way up in the balcony which, for a show like this, I tho't was better than the front part that they make you pay extra for now. From my vantage point it was less significant that the mini-skirt (nice butt!) girl went up on stage once or twice too often but that her date dumped her (booo!). It was Todd's fault anyway 'cause the first time she got up there when the security guy moved to escort her off Todd said "No, she's a 'plant'! She's part of the show!"

Much more annoying was having to stand next to so Rock 'n' Roll (wooooo!) neanderthals w/too much fire water yelling out during the WaT set at the Roxy on Sunday night. They seem to have a tangible idiocy that wafts about them and they call to each other in cicadian rhythms from all points in a small club like the Roxy so that they are inescapable. Goes with the territory I guess. Thank god those people never show up at Everything But the Girl shows.

If someone is wondering where to catch TR next time and he's playing the Ventura - I say pick the Ventura. He always throws in the odd song (last time: "Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel" - this time: "Lost Horizon"). I wonder what Santa Ana's like.

Oh yeah, "Born To Synthesize" is getting better, the improvisations more interesting and weird and fun. I wish they'd do the same treatment to "The Individualist". They played "Hit Me Like a Train" and pushed the vocals enough so that it surpassed the recorded version which I think sounds stilted (I, I, I, I...). Jesse got this really weird sound on WorldWideEpiphany where it sounded like there was a pickup in the nut of his guitar as he was picking on the other side of a bar (like Fred Frith does with the capo). It's cool how John does the rising pitch synth part of Drive by merely sliding up string by string. I heard someone say he was using the guitar as a synth controller - does anyone know if that's true?

I enjoyed the shows despite the lack of variety in set lists betraying a lack of rehearsal time prior and it was great seeing Prairie behind a drum kit again. I tried to find some wiz list people without success (I wanted to say "hey Barry" to every one who passed by in a low tone but there were just too many people there who looked like they could be named Barry). Nobody I talked too seemed too perturbed that TRTV has gone missing - most seemed to feel it was to be expected.

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6/11/1999 - Majestic Ventura Theatre - Ventura, CA

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