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i've got to admit it's getting better.. getting better all the time.

same show with same set list and players, but different execution and result entirely. this show bullseyed it's intended target and rocked! everything fell [or, should i say, got shoved] into place for a jive- gellin, pop-rockin night at slim's. even roger powell was diggin it.

the first set is still attacked at full force, racing at breakneck speed at times. the energy builds with every toon. but tonight, it's metronomically controlled by 5 players overaware of last night's debacle, and the musicianship comes through. hey, they're professionals.

the monitor board is on stage right tonight instead of left like last night.. there's seemingly more room on the stage, & the sound has significantly improved by an order of magnitude. ferenzik's licks fill things out, and TR's throat is way up front in the mix [so is Kas']. and most importantly, the technical aspects of the show didn't detract from the quality of the performance.

all together now: "Ahhhhhh..."

NOTEWORTHY: TR-i has to stop himself from singing too soon after the extended break in 'love in action', and the crowd lets him know about it. prairie won't look at TR-i unless it's time to stop. and, all the instruments work! the stage crew shaking with fear whenever the slightest technical imperfection approaches TR [perhaps OH opened a can of whoop ass on them in rehearsal today..?]. banter raps on jerry hallowell's post-spice production, austin powers, the gift that just keeps on giving [delivered again by Lou]. 'Drive'. 'Love in Action'. 'Unloved'.

TR-i chooses to wear dark pants and the PMRC 'parent's advisory' black and white T-shirt for set one. for 'Twist, TR sports a black suit & white dress shirt with black polkadots. kas is ever-stylish in orange, and prairie's "Munsters 2000" look gets better every night with those spacey-orange shades and bowl-cut. billy preston has left the building.

'born to synthesize' was amazingly tight, even in light of last night's stumble. it seemed the absence of technical difficulties allowed the band to relax and focus on the groove. TR-i added a few hoot-and- holler give and takes with the band during the extended howl just before the last chorus. this matured improv now has a reconstructable form i'm still not tired of hearing.

off to LA.. got your tickets yet?

we have successfully synthesized

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6/9/1999 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA

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