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Upon receiving my copy of Liar's 5.1 Surround Sound DVD-Audio in yesterday's mail, I was really pleased and relieved to discover that this is a Silverline Records' release. This extraordinary Audio DVD has been meticulously mastered with 6 distinct audio channels as (IMO) Silverline 5.1 does better than anyone else in this dynamic audio medium. With this breakthrough technology... "the output is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master tapes. Every nuance of the original recording is captured and reproduced with a warmth and natural timbre not available from compact disc technology."

For Todd Rundgren fans who already love this album... Liars, 5.1 will elevate your experience (of this extraordinary album) to much more profound levels. As for those TR fans who dislike, have been indifferent or are on the fence about this album... this mix clarifies and delivers an experience of Liars with a much greater and more relevant context... taking the listener into far more expansive dimensions.

Throughout the entire Liars 5.1 Surround listening experience, the sonic sequencer swirls, pulsating electronic rhythms, lush harmonies, thundering bass and powerful lead vocals are imaginatively mixed with spine-chilling brilliance as the entire room becomes Todd's aural canvas. IMO there has never been a TR recording more powerfully presented. At times Liars 5.1 is extremely moving... at other times it is downright thrilling. The lyrics take on an added dimension of poignancy, while the lead and background vocals are crystal clear, warm and powerful.

Particular standout Liars 5.1 tracks include:

* Stood Up (brilliant sequencer coloring, heavily flanged vocals dance around the room and explosive drum patterns drive this track with far greater impact)

* Future (cosmic utopian swirls, amazing vocal harmonies and a riveting vocal question and answer bridge near the end elevate this song to a whole new level).

* Afterlife (Studio Wizard, Mystic Poet and Pop Balladeer come together as never before in this gorgeous 5.1 Masterpiece)

* Living (lush sonic textures and mystical harmonies are tastefully woven into the otherworldly 5.1 mix)

* Liar (the orchestration is beyond majestic in 5.1, Todd's shredding vocals are chilling and this track is capped off with a blistering guitar solo that is far more explosive than the 2-track stereo experience)

Label: Silverline Records

DVD Special Features:

24bit/96kHz DVD-Audio and 24bit/48kHz Dolby Digital 5.1 options

Stunning 5.1 Surround Sound


Plays on ALL DVD players


Genre: Music; Pop & Rock

Studio: Silverline

Cat. Number: SLVL288262DVA

UPC Number: 67662882629

Condition: NEW SEALED

Street Date: 7/13/2004

Format: DVDA

Region Code: 0

Language: English is selling Liars Audio-DVD for $12.59 (30% off the $17.90 Retail Price)

It is also available from the excellent TR Bazaar website:

I am really looking to future classic TR & Utopia 5.1 DVD-Audio releases: Something/Anything, AWATS, Todd, Initiation, Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Another Live, Hermit of Mink Hollow, RA, Healing, A Cappella, etc. would all be absolutely electrifying in this exciting format!

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