Dream Goes On Forever

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I just wanted to comment that I am thoroughly enjoying the "Dream Goes On Forever" book. A couple of commments:

First off, the detail of information from interviews, especially Moogy and Todd, offer an intriguing insite.

However, I didn't quite understand why the author would constantly refer to Todd by full name on numnerous occasions. We know who we are reading about here, right? And what is with the funky font that was used in printing this book? Strange choice.

Also, he failed to mention that "Song With No Words" from Runt is actually a derivitive of the string intro to "Birthday Carol"; not completely note for note, but if you listen you can make it out. What I mean here is that Todd is performing an acapella rendition of the string intro.

And, finally, I was disappointed that when the author ran down the track listing of "Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren", he forgot to talk about the recording of "A Long Time, A Long Way To Go". An editing error, perhaps?

But all in all, I am loving it. Get the hardcover, folks. It's worth the extra $10.

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