a dream goes on forever

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this is not a review cause i wont pretend that im unbaised about it-i was in contact with the author constantly in the whole making of the book-it took an incredible amount of effort from many and the second volume is in the works. this is not a novel, it is a reference book with commentary of all that were involved with todd-i will say that there are (as there are always) some typos, etc..but above all, it is incredible, to me, that billy (who has written a great number of books) would do one on this guy-he is a great guy, a big todd fan and i respect him for sticking to his guns and printing what he had and what was said to him..sometimes people wnat to hear the glossed over version..and for sure, the fanzines in the past had no room for a dissenting view...moogy, i suppose, could be seen a distractor..but the purpose for this is that no matter how the journey unfolded, the ying/yang, the music and the vision of todd trancended-exactly the same as if you see him on tour..the books are a celebration of the spirit of todd , which we are all in awe of..i know that billy feels like i do in that todd has a much smaller slice of the pie than he deserves at this time and he hopes, as do i, that this book goes a least a bit towards starightening out his rightful place in music history..to that end, some of us will fight to the death.... 

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