Badfinger - Straight Up

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The singles off of "Straight Up" were my subtle introduction to Todd. I still remember hearing "Day After Day" on the transistor radio for the first time---quite possibly the first time I ever got those nice "goosechills" from a song. I had to have this song, but being only 8 years old at the time, I knew of only one way to get it. The Petrosian garage sale. You see, the Petrosians were this eccentric little bunch that lived down the street from us, and every other Saturday they threw these killer patio sales. They had four kids, and the oldest one, Peter, was a certified hippie (in my eight-year old eyes). I'd go down there, head straight for the wooden box full of 45's, and check out all of the ones with Peter's name written in dark marker. These were usually all winners. It was here on an overcast spring morning that I saw the Apple label as I perused thru the ten cent wonders. Wait! There's another! I had my hands on a barely scratched "Day After Day", and a 'still in the cover' "Baby Blue"!! Sweat started to bead on my brow---could this be a mistake? Was Peter gonna run out of the house at any moment and grab the suckers outta my hand? I walked up to pay, making sure I went to mother Petrosian, dropped the two hard-earned dimes in her hand, and was on my merry way. Not slowly. I ran like hell! Got home, threw 'em on the J.C. Penny auto turntable, and got lost in sonic bliss. Those guitars on "Baby Blue". The harmonies on "Day After Day". Pure magic. It wasn't until five or six years later that I would find out exactly who this T.Rundgren guy was----and many more journeys into sonic blissdom would follow.

BTW, I still have both 45's,


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