Nazz - Retrospective Foresight (bootleg)

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Of the lps mentioned below, besides Nazz & Nazz Nazz, I only found the NAZZ "RETROSPECTIVE FORESIGHT" LP in my collection. So, as promised, I dragged out the ole turntable and listened to it. It's interesting that it came out in 1969 coz, it occurred to me, alot of Nazz III was taken directly from this lp.

My first thoughts, when listening to this lp, are:

#1) Thank God for technology!! (coz the sound quality totally sux!)
AND . . .
#2) Why didn't these guys let Todd sing more lead? what doe doe's!

Side 1

He Was - VERY pop . . why wasn't this a hit?! Oh! Never released? Could have something to do with it! This toon JAMS!

Some People - Smells like Nazz III

Ready I Am - Bridge is SOOooooo Toddish. GREAT toon! I'd like it ALOT if only it sounded better! Heavy TR influenza

Kicks - Nazz III again

But I Ain't Got You - AWESOME . . TOTALLY! Very 60's yet, worth the price of the lp, alone

Take the Hand - is not Take the Hand, it's Loosen Up from Nazz III

Side 2

Lemming Song - One *TOTAL* JAM SESSION!

You Are My Window - Same sweet Toddie I fell in love with as a kid . . sounds like Nazz III ver.

Open My Eyes (Live) - Great to hear this toon live, but, I much prefer John Hamlin's version instead.

Christopher Columbus - skips alot, but directly from Nazz III, I think?

Train Kept a Rollin' - Reminiscent of the Overture on S/A?

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