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OK, no long-winded remembrances of lost loves or innocent times. I have no history with this band. I picked the CD up from Columbia House when they featured it as a TR Production, specifically to get it in time for the review project. It arrived in the mail early this week, just in time.

Actually, I do have a post-Dolls CD called "Crucial Music - The David Johansen Collection" which is not all that much different from the Dolls sound, and I've decided that I like it. It's Alice Cooper meets the Clash. Guitar-driven, with vaguely musical vocals.

I was already familiar with "Personality Crisis" because of its inclusion on "An Elpee's Worth of Productions," and most of the rest of the songs are generally in the same style. As Todd mentions in his Patronet remembrances of the New York Dolls, these guys(?) were primed to be the American Rolling Stones, and a lot of the sound on the CD is also reminiscent of the Stones. "Lonely Planet Boy," the one mellow song on the CD, actually sounds a bit like Mick's take on "Waiting On A Friend."

Looking over the track list, I was initially intrigued by the inclusion of "Frankenstein (Orig.)" Could this be, in fact, an alternate take on the Edgar Winter classic? Well, as it turned out, it has nothing to do with the other song. But I wonder about the "(Orig.)" notation, since Edgar's song came out the previous year.

Overall, Todd's production is clean, and gives the band a good sound. Some nice left/right fadeover effects on some of the songs, and generally enjoyable experience. It's a keeper.

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