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It would be enough look at between the notes of cover of this record for understand that a worthy product of note is dealt with. The producer is Todd Rundgren, that mentor of this spent initiative also was completely unnoticed to the time, and it was a sin 'cause is this disk that the following always product from Todd and entitled "Bricks" they were two disks as unusual that is worth it of go to re-listening. The disks have not stayed not even reprinted in CD. Todd devoted soul and body to this plan, also if when he announced many they twisted the nose.

A musician from the very fine technical quality, a genius of the musical synthesis, an attentive producer that wanted to devote his time to relaunch and to cause a group of mimes, it was not a thing very enthusiastically, also 'cause the Hello People was by now for 6 years without a record deal. The fusion between the two worlds so different results splendid, also for Todd's playing the guitar in all the album and between the busy musicians there is the Utopia to the suit.

Todd is able to capture the atmosphere of the show from the alive unites it to an unexceptionable technique.

The disk results original in all his points from the first trace "Future schock" where hollywood choirs gets married with the last discoveries of the technology, it there is a saxophone filtered through the drums, unbelievable effect, the purpose is that of show the shock that tries when you is come hibernated. Assignment perfectly successful.

In the disk there is however of all, blues,[gospel, ballads, art-rock, songs to the Todd, like the resumption of his hymn "Just one victory" in a version however t under of the original and above all the soul. To pervade the all there is the magic guitar of Todd that creates geometries particular vertical with steep and rapid staircases from true azzecagarbugli of the rock, only it that's why would deserve an I listen to this magic disk.

But to the same time the air of a small club is breathed smoky new york air and thrash and the lyric deal with the love in a poetic form, and of the social conditions, all always very delicate.

The second piece is a cover of Hank Finger "ballard poppin time" here revisited in gospel manner and with a fizzy position. Drops of platinum are the bloody hits to the piano from part of Moogy Klingman, keyboards player of Utopia and splendid soloists artist.

On all Iam from remember the vocal groove to work of the Hello People and that is Greg Geddes, Larry Tass, Norman Smart, Bobby Sedita. Ironic and disrespectful Scherzetto is instead Take the love in your body, played two voices and you seems this it is the point of departure for the masterpiece of Todd of the '85 "A cappella".

The drama however becomes evident in Destiny with that his sad happiness and always the guitar of Todd in first plain.

Listen to your heart" opens the second fside with a soul music worthy of a vocal black group.

I would have liked see them from the I live in the epoch, between the other things Todd has always tried to help them, in fact wanted Hello People in the splendid tour of Backto the Bars, he carried them also in room of incision for the War Babies album by Hall& Oates who is produced by Todd.

Certainly if becomes an analysis of the disk without know nothing of the Hello People, the product could seem dated, but it is not as after all the atmosphere of the smoky and disreputable club from New York is eternal and as this disk stays, so original from have not understood to the hour and now, and as forever.

Lino Terlati

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