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One of the most underappreciated pop masterpieces of the 80s. Another case of wrong place-wrong time phenomenon so closley releated to Rundgren's career. If this record had been the debut of some new band and adequately marketed it may have sold 5 million copies. No shit. But it was, after all, yet another release by that wacky Utopia and for the most part ignored. Of course, poor selection of lead-off single and a little too goofy a video saw to alot of that. Perhaps this was Utopia's S/A with tongue planted way firmly in the ol cheekaroo. Got a wonderful review in Rolling Stone (which usually does TR good -- sadly, NO reviews of NWO or the Ind ever were published in RS). Contains two of TRs most beautiful dagger-thru-the- heart songs: Bad Little Actress & There Goes My Inspiration. I recall that listening to this record really really put me on a high... every song was so damn good. The first 2 sides were so extraordinarily good that the bonus side 3 was truly pure cream. Funny, but for some reason I always thought that Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze probably really dug this record.

Oh, I'd say this is about my fifth favorite Utopia record :).... T

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