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Utopia hit its stride with this album. Unfortunately, in 1983, musical tastes started to move away from rock and pure pop to new wave and the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince. The Network album has more songs, but the perecentage of good ones is impressive. I have a hard time listening to only a few: Libertine, Bad Little Actress, and Private Heaven. All the others are strong and tightly played. There is also a good dose of humor in these songs - which makes remembering them even more fun: Libertine, Bad..,Neck on Up, Say Yeah, Burn, Princess, Forgotten But Not Gone. Even Call It What You Will, Infrared, Chapter and Verse are light hearted. The songs also made for a complete and satisfying concert surrounded by the few other utopia concert staples.

In order of favorite to least:

Infrared and Ultraviolet
Call It What You Will
Princess of the Universe
Hammer in My Heart
Chapter and Verse
There Goes My Inspiration
Say Yeah
Burn 3x
Forgotten But Not Gone
Neck on Up
Looking at You But Talking to Myself
Feet Don't Fail Me Now
Bad Little Actress
Private Heaven

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