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The lyrics of the album "Utopia," at first glance, appeared to only concern different kinds of love. However, after looking closer, I found what I think is a common underlying thread in each of the songs-- the theme of communication. Each song deals with a different form of communciation in human relationships and the effects each has on the speaker. I've listed the titles and the form I found in them below:

Libertine (accidental false communication)
Bad Little Actress (deliberate false communication)
Feet Don't Fail Me Now (part of self communicating with another part - head to physical)
Neck On Up (retrospective communication with self)
Say Yeah (telling what the desired or expected communication is)
Call It What You Will (assuming communication for someone else--incorrectly)
I'm Looking At You But I'm Talking To Myself (communication isn't effective anymore)
Hammer In My Heart (part of self communicating with another part - physical to mental)
Burn Three Times (communication using metaphor)
There Goes My Inspiration (inability to communicate through accustomed medium of expression)
Princess Of the Universe (communication by physical movements - dance?)
Infrared and Ultraviolet (communication with the unseen - the mystical - the cosmic)
Forgotten But Not Gone (communication by deed-no misinterpretation possible in the end)
Private Heaven (withdrawal of communication)
Chapter and Verse (inability to communicate feelings)

Anyone else see it that way?


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