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Once again the chameleon changes color. The songs are shorter and crisper. And the sound is .. well .. certainly different. Powell's keyboards seem constrained to produce a particular aura while the vocals are more high end. Perhaps someone with technical knowledge can elaborate on this. Is Roger using his usual keyboards?

"Libertine" was a sharp attention grabber than found its' way onto a couple of Bay Area FM radio waves for a few weeks. Need I mention that Feet were never heard. "Hammer in My Heart" also got some spins, but I think no doubt more if it had been preceeded with a "Libertine" single.

Utopia's vocals are showcased at their best ever with the very infectious "Bad Little Actress." Willie is given the hook filled "Neck On Up" which allows even his vocal to sound quite good.

Many nice little scribes by Todd such as "There Goes My Inspiration" and "Chapter and Verse." But in general an album more lighthearted than the typical Todd/Utopia content. A brief diversion to the spiritual rays of old with "Infrared and Ultraviolet."

The tour opening sequence of "I/U," "Libertine," and "Burn Three Times" was quite catchy. But perhaps the show faded a bit from there. As part of the Utopian history the Beatle suits were OK for that one tour, but once was enough.

"Princess of the Universe." What can you say? Great song. The best with Willie on lead vocal. Third single.

Utopia's untitled album of short user friendly songs for a new beginning. I recall Todd saying that they wanted to give Network something they could market. But Utopia was not new. And the feet did fail them. Still a nice fun album. Good part of the chameleon collection.

- ED

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