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As you have read in the last post , the last year it I have lived a lot sadly. And punctually it has exited a new album of Todd Rundgren that has carried me a bag of happiness that it has made me to cry in an other way. This time Todd has decided to make a disc tribute to the blues and just to Robert Johnson, remaking some classics and the guitar of Todd flies towards tops never caught up before now are not keyboards here. Blues that it never does not bore a a lot frizzly and is like a palette of Matisse. Twelve songs that leave from Dust my broom, passing for the rundgrenian Love in vain till arriving to Crossroads Blues. What a pity that booklet is a little poor of photo and the news, however Todd has played every instrument to part the low entrusted to its friend and former Utopia Kasim Sulton on bass. Once again Todd surprises that are not equal to no other of its discography.. And while Todd is go out with this albumhe bring again in tour albums like Todd and Healing, a true one chameleon. Todd Rundgren's Johnson transudes elegance and sweat, fun and appointment.

A record that all the fans of Todd must possess because it drills the heart with his abysso..Love in vain is the piece close to Todd style, of the whole album, with a solo of endless guitar, guitar that changes register, tonality and musical staircases for an immense ballad.

The air is full of a particular ecstasy when goes out a his new record of the gladiator of Arena, he has gone on with an album completely different, however like in Arena is always the guitar the principal instrument or the strong rhythmic section of Last Fair Deal Gone Down. I don't add other, only that Todd Rundgren is one of those artists of which they will remember the deeds. Forever. And his voice is always magnificent.

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