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Like most Todd albums, their favor with me waxes and wanes. My initial reaction was hard on the ax. It took a long time for me to appreciate what was going on here (some of which I still don't "get"--like In and Out the Chakras ???). It is important to remember the SIDES limitation of LPs and the point in Todd's career. Hello It's Me gave him A LOT of clout, and he used it.

Disc one/Side one:
How About A Little Fanfare?
I Think You Know
The Spark Of Life
An Elpee's Worth Of Toons
A Dream Goes On Forever
Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song

You got me. Wouldn't change a note. Always has and always will be the second best straight set of Todd next to side one of Initiation. I'd have to rate Side One of AWATS as third, because the mood is just not so universal with that one. D1/S1 of TODD has enough straight-ahead music to keep you going and enough weirdness to know it is Todd. AWATS is just too weird, and I have to be in the right mind set to embrace it. There are people I would NEVER play side one of AWATS for. But there is enough meat in TODD D1/S1 to really crow about.

Disc One/Side Two:
Drunken Blue Rooster
The Last Ride
Everybody's Going to Heaven / King Kong Reggae

What the hell was that? Played DBR and TLR to death and skipped the rest for years and years. Later, I found some times when my mood commanded I play Heaven/ Reggae (I love how he sampled King Kong--perfect). And Heaven regained popularity with fans after the TEPTAE video. Surely someone has made a cartoon to the Rooster by now. Bit of a stretch to make it 3 minutes though.

Disc Two/Side One:
No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator
Useless Begging
Sidewalk Cafe
Izzat Love?
Heavy Metal Kids

Had me till that last one, Todd. Although I must admit the transition "fast forward tape advance" noise between IZZAT and Kids was a staple on all my tapes. Again, Kids is extremely palatable when I am pissed off. And the weirdness of #1LCD doesn't hit me so much because the lyrics are just so compelling. #1LCD was important to the teen I was WANTING to make my parents scratch their heads in wonder at me.

DiscTwo/Side Two:
In And Out The Chakras We Go
Don't You Ever Learn?
Sons of 1984

First though he could have left Shaft Goes Into Outerspace right off this disc, and I still pretty much feel that way. It has its moments of interest, but what a waste of disc space. Seems more like filler. But those last two? Gems! Don't You Ever Learn? is a mantra. Pull it out and give it a listen on a regular basis. Sons is very exciting and captures the live feel. Cynic and hopeful all at once. Todd in a nutshell.

Making one disc worth is almost impossible, but here's my try for the day:

Side one
How About A Little Fanfare? 1:03
I Think You Know 3:04
The Spark Of Life 6:23
An Elpee's Worth Of Toons 2:09
A Dream Goes On Forever 2:21
Lord Chancellor 3:32
Drunken Blue Rooster 2:12 (cut from 3:00)
The Last Ride 4:48
ttl 25:32

#1LCD 5:12
Useless Begging? 3:40
Sidewalk Cafe 2:15
Izzat Love? 1:55
Heavy Metal Kids 3:16 (cut from 4:16)
Don't You Ever Learn? 5:06 (cut from 6:06)
Sons of 1984 4:34
ttl 25:58

Makes you appreciate why Todd held out for the whole shebang. The degree of "lackluster" of the full version compared tot he watered down single was the right choice.


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