Review for Todd Rundgren Live in N.Y.C '78- Todd Archive series vol. 1

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Todd Rundgren Live in N.Y.C '78 is the first of Nippon Crown's Todd Archive series, containing ten songs from a concert in The Bottom Line on June 30 1978. No surprise there's a lot of conformity with the official live double album Back to the bars being recorded in 1978 too. Todd's backed by the same bandmembers (Willie Wilcox, Moogy Klingman, John Siegler, together with The Hello People, but without guests like Hall & Oates and Stevie Nicks), the tracklist (only ten songs) is nearly the same and the songs are played much in the same way, including introductions like in Never Never Land. Reasons enough to consider the release of the Bottom Line concert as not really necessary. On the other hand it certainly is a nice concert, including Can we still be friends, the track I always miss on Back to the bars and the sound recording is allright, so there's no real reason for disappointment too.

René Bosman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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