Swing To The Right

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This is the utopia album searching for its attitude. I suppose the theme is the monkey-like handling of our culture by the right wing. As for the songs, most are an overreach. Although, as usual, todd was ahead of the times with the title's proclamation. Most people had no clue why he was concerned with the right revolution. But today...

The songs "Lysistrata", "Only Human" and "One World" are the songs that keep together the best....but "Only Human" is quite sappy. "451F" has a fun approach to book burning. "Shinola" is a favorite although a bit odd. I don't think i can stand "Last Dollar on Earth" or "Caravan" anymore. I am not a big fan of the synthesizer sound... except for "Emergency Splashdown" - that is weird. "Swing to the Right" is ok. I would like to have heard a large band arrangement rather than the post-fab four.


One World
Swing to the Right
Fahrenheit 451
Only Human
Last Dollar on Earth
Junk Rock

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