Swing To The Right

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Swing was for me the first "new" Todd album of my life. I became a fan shortly after "Deface" (not be cause of it, but...) and first saw TR and company in fall of 1981, I think just before Swing came out. Regardless, I knew some of the songs because they had appeared on live radio concerts etc.

At the time, it was brilliant exicting album for me. Over the years, my affection has waned somewhat, but I still think there are a good five or six songs on it. One world and Lysitrata are obvious, and I always liked the anger of Shinola. Farenheit 451 (it WAS Willie) and The Up still are good pop, and Swing itself has nifty playing.

I never really liked For The Love Of Money, and while I used to love Only Human, wiser, more mature ears really think lyrically TR blew it. I skip it on the Redux album, because the song contains a lot of clunkers, even if the sentiment is on target.

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