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(Whole album, fits together so well and the album cover front and back is marvelous.)

Side A

1. Broke Down & Busted
Very 60's sounding. A woman he will never attain, even till he is an old man in a wheel-chair, a broken heart he will have as he rolls on through life. She is gone, and he will always care.

2. Believe In Me
Soft and gentle love, a woman in his mind, a woman trapped inside herself, beside him, yet in another world, and she still believes in him as he does her.

3. We Gotta Get You A Woman
I love this song. Happy.:) The guitar licks are so clever. Leroy boy, needs the same thing, as he, a woman who knows.

4. Who's That Man
Is this about a man, having an affair with his girl? And this man is on the wild side of life, it must charm her, yet is a guy that can't be tamed, he steals her away. A warning here?

5. Once Burned
A mood, of deep blue. Returning to her backyard as a looser at romance, yet can't walk away from a love so true.

6. Devil's Bite
Reminds me of old Deep Purple. Yeah!


1. I'm In The Clique
I don't like this song, cause it reminds me of everything I don't like about cliques, that are true!

2. There Are No Words
Spooky echo, calling out into space, then beautiful ooohs, and aaahs, reminds me of a large church organ reverberating out, into an auditorium, spiritual.

3. Baby Lets Swing, The Last Thing You Said, Don't Tie My Hands
Oh Yes, how I love to shuffle, lets dance. How many of us remember those last words, that remain, so many times in our lives, from our lovers and friends.

4. Birthday Carol
What a TRIP. Open with violins I believe, and organ/horn. Sassy, yea very Sassy. I like this one, especially the blues licks on guitar. Good runs! Then off into the lyrics of Birthday Carol, with light piano. Acoustic Guitar chords, nice. Ending rocks out with horns and more incredible blues licks, then violins again, so serene sad and beautiful.:):)

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