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Love is like Communion With The Sun....joy, joy, joy yes it is. God I feel 22 years old again driving my old Z28 Camero on the back roads of Mo. then straight out into the Ks. plains west...driving straight into the sunset, what a rush! Driving blinding into the sun, the wind blowing through the car...and the music taking me higher and higher. Freedom sailing.

The Magic Dragon Threatre...one of the most fun and happy songs for me love to act along with song. Wouldn't it be fun to produce a music video to this song. A Rock Jock in Chicago has my Dragon Bracelet...that I use to wear to Utopia concerts. It was magic to me. Doug Chopper a wild motorcycle "chopper" builder from the sixties gave it to me about the time this album came out! He was a magical biker man, as if he knew I would be caught by the Magic Dragon Theatre and UTOPIA. I gave him a spider, a big tralantua from Texas.:):) Fun times!

Jealousy: Oooh LORD LAY ME!!! Yum, this song is soooo hot and nasty, baby....sexy, juicy....yeah get me down on that Jealousy! Pant pant....great head song.:):):) Yeah batter me UTOPIA... and TR teach me those guitar licks! *wolfgirl licks her lips. Eternal Love: I miss Kas, what a sweet and beautiful voice. The four-part harmony in this song is so uplifting. Yes floating in time sailing through space on a ocean of eternal love....just close your eyes....and feel this one...its perfect.

Sunburst Finish: AHHHHH my you know I had to dance modern ballet with my own interpertation to this song! The ritual dancer doing her favorite egyptian....poses, winking at the sphinx....closing my eyes and dancing in front of the pyrimids. Take it boyzz....make see geometrically.:)

Hiroshima: Despite Harry S. Truman a hometown past resident being the one with his hand on the button...(I'm loyal to Harry!) We have streets in Japanese in town in rememberance of this time in our history. (Mankind's comprehension of this technology and especially a new one radio/tv if you can imagine life without it, left him open to mass propaganda etc. Different time, wish it had never happened! PROTECT your HEAD its the internet today that "COULD" take us back this way.) Sorry to simplifiy it so but pre-WWI and II generations where coming out of the dark ages, extremely vulnerable. The effects on this song are haunting!

Singring And The Glass Guitar: Time for story telling sit back let Utopia take you on beautiful adventure and journey. I'm cranking this one up NOW!

Take me away on an afternoon dream,
Jackie Rae

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