Oops Wrong Planet

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For some strange reason, i equate this album with todd's recent "Individualist" for its attitude...a little more street and a little less pop. There is a really good selection of songs here in a number of different styles. Great concert songs! While the lyrics are not great, most rock bands would be proud to come up with songs like these. I was dissapointed when Utopia moved away from this style. The one negative is the recording. While I have not heard a CD of this album, the tapes and albums are foggy.


One of my favorites. Just a good rock/punk song.


This is one of roger's best. sits nicely in between the two rock songs.

Love In Action

i like the sound hear with utopia better than the big band sound.

Crazy Lady Blue

The basis of the song are there, but needs work with singing etc.

Back On The Street

Pretty useless song. But the radio stations often used the "and the countdoun is on" lyrics.

Marriage Of Heaven And Hell


The Martyr


Abandon City

very much like crazy lady blue. this sounded good in concert with the base line and all.


Good punk song about wasted lives. the guitar work is good.

My Angel

Lost soul. The singing duet is great.

Rape Of The Young

wild song about corporations wasting lives.

Love Is The Answer

what can you say?

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