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Trapped a religious pun? trapped/Trappist?
Ra connection:"someone trapped the spirit in a glass guitar"
Windows "just like a moth too close to the fire,explodes" is this a reference to Greek mythology? is it Icarus?

Love In Action "you just joined the clan" , you'll note it's not Klan,as in Ku Klux Klan,even though that's probably most people's first impression.a posible dual meaning?
clan(family) & clan(destine)..sounds like..you're in the Secret Society,"where everybody acts like sister and brother"

Crazy Lady Blue to me this is a very elusive song,kind of like Black Maria.
"on the wrong side of the looking glass"
fairy tale connections:I've seen Black Lady, White Lady, & Green Lady listed under the heading of fairies (not sure of the origin),and then there's Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass(haven't read it). Biblical connections: Ingamar Bergman (did I spell that write?) play, Through The Looking Glass, Darkly. I'm not really familiar with this but I've read that the overall message is that God is Love. The title is probably from 1 Corinthians 13:12 "for now we see through a glass, darkly", which, strangely enough, immediately follows a passage used by Todd on Real Man, "When I was a child, I thought as a child..." also the Styx song Madame Blue, who is she?

Back On The Street
the abbreviation for street,St., is also the abbreviation for Saint, Hmm. What if back on the street meant you are back here again, in another life? "spreading like a cancer"/Cancer is the sign by which a soul enters into incarnation (or so I've read)

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Ra connection: the ancient Egyptian cat-goddess, Bast, was the guardian of marriage. "It's your night to feed the cat"

Didn't William Blake write something called The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, and wasn't this guy into mystical symbolism? I'm not familiar with him, maybe someone else is. Here are some Blake quotes I've come across, but they seem more applicable to Initiation than Oops.
"A fool who persists in his folly becomes wise." "Hold infinity in the palm of your hand"
"Think in the morning"
"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is, infinite"

Other heaven and hell stuff:
Jacques Iver (1578) "The proverbe saith, the first marriages are made in Heaven,and the seconde in Hell."
Edward Dyer "My mind to me a kingdom is, the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."

"on the road to Armageddon"
What about using dream meanings to interpret the lyrics? I've done a little reading on the subject and one of the most common dream interpretations is that what occurs in a dream means just the opposite as it appears. In this example, then, the road to Armageddon would really be The Road To Utopia

Gangrene a touch of Shakespeare, "flesh by the pound"
interesting choice of words, "the thought makes my blood begin to boil in my veins"
"somebody buys it",to "buy it" can be a euphemism for death, "Gangrene, dying one inch at a time" "gonna have to cut your hands-leg-head off", In a strange way maybe this is a Ra connection, was it Osiris, Isis, somebody got chopped up. In an even more strange way this makes me think of Healing Pt. III, "You can leave your arms-legs-head behind you."
"your mind is left blank" (1) your brain is worthless from watching too much TV,or,on some other level,
(2) you are emptying your thoughts,clearing your mind during meditation.

Abandon City
a riddle (a la a riddle of the sphinx) A band and city
Easy answer: a band called Utopia and a city in my head,Utopia. abandon: to desert
desert a city...change to a city in the desert
Ra connection: wasn't one of the ancient Egyptian cities known as the light of the world?, a phrase on Love Is The Answer, and also it was Jesus who said "I am the light of the world."

My Angel "I must stand alone,it's the kind of a life I've chosen" the word chosen is similar to Japanese chozen,meaning transcendental, standing aloof.

Right Planet; One World, "when you live in our world,everything's all right." Healing Pt. III, "Let the path that you uncover, will set the world all right."

The Message: Use your head. Use your heart. Save yourselves.
save yourselves as in with a Holy Savior or French savoir 'to know", ..."know thyself, there's nothing else to know"

Album art: the front cover is supposed to be Wall St., isn't it?... "Wall St. desks curse the word made flesh"
the ugly face pictures:I thought this was part of the stereotypical punk rock thing...you know, punk rock/stoned little punks

Good night,my fellow fans,


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