One Long Year

Review by Greg Hull (Switch to

buy the disc.........
..........then burn yourself a copy as follows :
love of the common man
the surf talks
hit me like a train
mary and the holy ghost
i hate my frickin' isp
yer fast ( and i like it )
buffalo grass
and leave out the atrocious bang on the ukulele daily and the already available on somewhere/anywhere track -where does the time go?....

....and you have the makings of a potentially ok album .

i love todd's music from the nazz to now , however , one long year makes the ever popular tortured artist effect album seem like a masterpiece .

i know todd's time is stretched maintaining his professional and personal endeavours and what he is aiming for is worth achieving , however i almost feel i would have preferred to wait another long year for the album he really has inside him . having said that , todd is still godd...albeit a nearly human one.

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