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The "Lite" version of No World Order is completely acceptable and very little changed of my impression of the songs with the exception that I warmed up to the song "World Wide Epiphany". One critisizm is that that the melodic intros and endings seemed lost on this album - especially "Property" and "Fascist Christ" - without the continuous play feature of the original album.

"Lite" does peter out somewhere in the first part of the second side probably because the weaker songs are all batched together towards the end. The original also as the same effect due to the shear repetition and filler. The song "Proactivity" seemed a tad less effective on this album for some reason.

Here is how i order the songs from favorite to least:

No World Order
Day Job
Fascist Christ
WorldWide Epiphany
Love Thing
Word Made Flesh
Fever Broke
Time Stood Still

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