No World Order

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Grade: B+

Worldwide Epiphany
No World Order
Worldwide Epiphany

The intro reminds me of the Kinks "Around the Dial" - it says to me, "look out, here comes something different....erase all the past." While most fans like Worldwide Epiphany, and todd does also since he plays it so much, i find it to be just another intro piece which goes into the meat of the album. The power guitar is okay.

Day Job 1.0

The great lyrics make this my favorite. If the lyrics were more intelligible over the music....todd would have a possible hit with crossover (audience) potential. (This album's "shinola").

Property 1.0

Hard not to like this song. The lyrics become a little to dense at times. But the beat is spunky enough to go along with a good message.

Fascist Christ 1.0

Great rap and guitar is controlled but excellent.

Love Thing 1.0

A needed change after previous three songs. Typical todd song about the Subjectt of love. instead of making women et al objects...todd likes to discuss the feelings and need for love which makes him unique in pop/rock.

Time Stood Still 1.0

Not very good really. Self-indulgent.

Proactivity 1.0

Fits the album well, but the songs are becoming too excessive by this point. Maybe a good "POV" tune.

No World Order 1.1

Along with Day Job, a great, great song. If you like todd and have the patience to listen to him, this song combines all the components that make him worth supporting. Definitely not a single or hit type song, but the lyrics are right on, the singing combined with rap are great, and the music is nice.

Word Made Flesh 1.0

Bombastic and overkill.

Fever Broke 1.0

A nice meditation in the realm of "healing" and "hawking".

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