No World Order

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Back in 1973, Rolling Stone reviewed AWATS....the reviewal headline was 'A Wizard, but not a Star'.......

This was music news back then, as Todd's cult (which pretty much began with Something/Anything, as opposed to NAZZ, RUNT, or BALLAD) was on verge of developing into a sizable buff base. The record was captiously cut up and sold poorly - so much so that 'Hello its Me' was rereleased (for the 3rd time) and became Todd's highest ranking single.

Personally, I loved AWATS's side#2.....side#1 was all wizardy (mean spirited and whining too), but to me, side#2 was magical.. (years) Later I revisited this record and found side#1 to be even more muted....and totally devoid of good music...given the fact that it was a much anticipated follow-up, this was a bomb........ This record lends strongly to the opinion that Todd was his own worst enemy.....Still feel that if he followed S/A with Hermit things would be different today - he wouldn't be playing chessy bars or pre-schools cafe's in Japan...and yes, all those other records would have followed...just better...bigger...promoted... etc...

NWO is not AWATS....CD-I is not replacing the way music is listened to....NWO was a failed experiment....even longtime fans were put off.. ..the rap didn't reach the new-jack rappers...the hood this wasn't.. bottom just wasn't good...the *music* was headache music.. "Property" was a good song (that intro sounds a lot like Michael Jackson)..wonder if the message was intended for his more ardent fans?

Technically...pls! How many bars of soap of fragments per song!?

The Tour worked from a Performance Arts was different.. was not compelling, it was not reviewed well...and most likely will never see it again.

With the release of NWO, Todd's (already lessening) cult fan base wasted away even more...and there hasn't been a major (or minor) thing written about his music since..Yes...he does get those techno reviews/articles... but more...

Indy was better...but his small-beer record deal released the record years after it was released in Japan..& well after a solid (best-in-years) tour.

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