No World Order

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How many thought they had a duff copy when they 1st this one in the player? A work colleague brought this one back from USA not long after it's release and months before it's UK release. I can still remember sitting with a big grin on my face during my first hearing of NWO. I loved it start to finish. Still do. Like others I saw the AWATS connection, but more than that , this was Todds next step along the windy, bumpy road he's been on for so long. This was a real slap in the kisser for Todd fans, a wake up call. "Remember me, I'm the one you never know what to expect from". I for one didn't expect this. Certainly there is a fair amount of vitriol in here but he's been so "up" for so long it's surprising we haven't had this long before now. The rapping, yes, is a bit hokey in parts but comes good in others. Sitting through the whole thing is like being dragged by the scruff of the neck only to find at the end (Fever Broke) that the journey was more than worthwhile. I love it all, and I only have the original spliced together version, wouldn't have it any other way. This ranks alongside AWATS, Initiation, Nearly Human as major peaks in TRs career. The "I" sits just below them, but not too far. Christmas coming up and I'm having too make a choice of furthering my TR CD collection with "Back to the Bars", "Todd" or "Oops" can't decide.



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