Nearly Human

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Grade A

It is hard to compare apples/ it might be unfair to say that this is todd's best album since the great three (something/ anything, AWATS, Todd). Definitely a complete, coherent album.

The Want of a Nail

Excellent way to start things off.

The Waiting Game

I am hopelessly hooked by this catchy number.

Parallel Lines

Beats compassion and mated hands down. Does anyone else have the problem of distinguishing mated and compassion?

Two Little Hitlers

Change of pace.

Can't Stop Running

Great live. Can't Beat it.

Unloved Children

Probably one of todd's most marketable rock songs. But this little toddy stayed home.


The musically-disadvantaged song of the album. Yeah, i know its "pregnant with meaning", but....

Feel It

Great soul. Guitar parts in concert were unbelievable.


I am here with all my brethern on this one. Maybe todd's best overall song. There are todd songs that hit lyrically; others hit musically; others (my angel) hit because of the singing. Hawking does not excel at any one of these. Its the mood that makes it special - i would say meditative.

I Love My Life

Speaking of brethern. Todd needs to get silly.

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