Nearly Human

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The _Nearly Human_ album title can be applied to all songs on the album. It can be applied from different perspectives.

1. The struggles to be an ideal human, hence nearly human.

Want of a Nail: Don't get hung up the little things. Succeed at the big important stuff.

Unloved: Personal stuff taking priority over kids.

Fidelity: Get beyond the supposedly ideal human sterotypes.

Feel It: Lacking something emotionally. Unfulfilled.

Love My Life: Realize the human existence. v Little Hitlers: Battle to be superior.

2. And as on some other Todd works, _Nearly Human_ can be applied from the out of human body angle, hence not human.

Hawking: Another existence. Much time and space reference.

Can't Stop Running: What's across that finish line string?

3. The album's group recording technique provides more of a spontaneous performance, with associated shortcomings. Most evident on the intentionbally loose I Love My Life.

- ED

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