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Before I started re-exploring the Nazz albums, I would have said that the first was my favorite, but after spending some time with Nazz Nazz, I think I actually like it better. The performances are more polished and the writing a bit more sophisticated. I don't notice as many similarities to other artists either. In fact, some of the songs seem more like precursors to later works by TR.

Forget All About It
I'd have to say this is my current pick for favorite song from this album.

Not Wrong Long
Have you ever seen the video for this song? It features the Nazz engineer as the bass player to the point of almost focusing on him.

Rain Rider
While listening without the benefit of a lyrics sheet handy I kept hearing "Ride my chariot" as "Like a cherry".

Gonna Cry Today
I suppose there must be some relationship here with the Beatles' "I'll Cry Instead"

Meridian Leeward
This is a pretty funny song, and the vocal rising on the end of each verse leads naturally into "but those days are through" from "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference". Try it!

Under The Ice
A good hard rocker, recently given a good retreatment on the latest Tribute disk.

Hang On Paul
I like this song OK, but don't have anything in particular to say about it. Its title was worked into the "Last of the New Wave Riders" comic strip from UT.

Kiddie Boy
Probably my least favorite on the album, mainly because I'm just not a fan of blues.

Featherbedding Lover
Not really much to say about this one either.

Letters Don't Count
Another source for confused lyrics, "Lettuce Don't Count"

A Beautiful Song
The long instrumental intro could be a precursor for "Birthday Carol" from "Runt".

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