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Side One

"Forget All About It Awhile" Uplifting beat, calls to me to be free. Yep, my fast-track mind needs a song like this to remind me to unwind. Dig that Bell chiming at the end calling to us. *wolfgirl dances around her attic room.

"Not Wrong Long" Pouting to this song. Kewl, organ chords, This one makes me want to strut my butt, like a sassy negro chick. Thinking yeah, I know where the chips fall.

"Rain Rider" Oooohhhh the high falsetto chorus on this one. Yes, lets take a ride, GREAT crusing song. I'm ready to pull the old '69 Z28 Camero out of the shed right NOW. Get it boys!!!!!!

"Gonna Cry Today" Time for Ballet. Oh, this one makes my heart ache. So lovely, so sad, takes me away, way, way far away, into yesterday.

*wolfgirl grabs a hankie, wipes big tears from her eyes.

"Meridian Leeward" Is this an attempt at a Beatles style song? Hehehehe, I enjoy singing along to this tune, its fun.:):):)

"Under The Ice" Ok lets ROCK...heavy here under the ice. This is a great song...should have been a hit off this album for our generation. Drum rolls...I the drums here. Very nice when he imphasizes the word ICE...yeah I like that. Ooooohhhhh, baby and soft feed-back too at the end.

Side Two

"Hang On Paul" This sounds just like Paul Revere and The Raiders.

"Kiddie Boy" Yeah lets get that 50's swing up and going. Like the blues and big band feel too. This sound was really popular here in the bars in K.C in 50's and '60's. Heck there are still some kewl biker and honky tonks that still play this sound. Baby lets swing. Yeah. The best dance tune on the album!!!!

"Featherbedding Lover" Blues song. Blues guitar riffs, yummy. Oh and nothing beats the line..."I'm feeding someone else's DOG." So true for most. *wolfgirl begs for a bone.:):):)

"Letters Don't Count" Yes the acoustic instrumental intro grabs me. Oh yes, and the vocals doing a round...very pretty. Reminds me of a sad day walking along the beach, lost in the soft sounds. Oooooh and the ending very tranquil and still yearning.

"A Beautiful Song" The BEST SONG on the album. At first the Doors come to mind. The instrumental starts CAlling Me, and seduces me it in a classical way oh how I love the strings. And then the lyrics, WOW....casting me into eternity. "Just like in a movie." I love this song, it is PERFECT!

*wolfgirl grabs for another hankie, big wolfgirl tears.
Jackie RAe

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