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I LOVE this Album, I think I cried through the whole thing. Get the tissues out, oh some questions at the end too. Oh, I wondered through this whole album, how Todd must feel and what memories he has, as he listens to it? Anybody, know or have any insight?


Nazz III (This one must be for the Girls AND all hopeless romantics!:)

Side One

  1. Some People

    Kewl song...I like to sing and act it out, it so "Animated"! I should have performed this, in one of my Theatre Classes in College, there is so much here to interpert and improvise to. Its EXCELLENT and the Drums are some of the best!

  2. Only One Winner

    Take me to the grave with this song, how many hours/days/months/ years, have I or you wished to be won, or be a winner! Time crushes me with tears....oh make me a winner. Someone is lost in my mind, forever, the winners flowing through time.

  3. Kicks

    Baby this song is hot. Still reminds me of Paul Revere and The Raiders! Ah where is this paradise, and boy do these kicks get even harder to find. I'm still running and kickin'.:) I'm Dancing around my attic room now...singing into my microphone, huggin' it, doing nasty hunches on it too.:) Kicks to us all!

  4. Resoulution

    Send me a thought of peace, of love a memory of you, oh so blue so soft I sink into my pillow, thinking a thousand thoughts as they are flying by reach out and grab one, make it a good one, make it this one!

  5. Its not That Easy

    Oh twirling and crying, feelings so DEEP, begging, begging oh see how the heart breaks, keeping the feeling, keeps us alive. Somebody, where are you, its not that easy to know someone to know their love but its so easy to feel it.

  6. Old Time Lovemaking

    Girls I'm clicking my heels, jumping in the air, smiling and teasing myself with all those 1960's memories little girls had in their rooms, looking in the mirror fixing our hair, and listening to AM radio. Dream of that boy, the one to make old time lovemakin' too.:)

  7. Magic Me

    OK grad the old Fender Strat and get down with that lead. Ooooh, nasty licks, do the trick for me. Painful ok, its all-right, magic us your smoke and mirrors. Dig That heavy bass beat. This would drive the guys nuts in the bar with some stripper grinding to this one.:)

Side Two

  1. Loosen Up

    Dig it.! Kewl Man! Soooo Heavy! Groove on IT. Get Loose I'm with ya...someone pass a doobie. We got it, we loose!

  2. Take The Hand

    Oh man take the hand, my hands are trembling so much I can't hardly type this. Big tears rolling down my cheeks...god] take the hand. If TR played this album in concert all the girls would look like raccoons with tears and make-up streaming everywhere.

  3. How Can You Call That Beautiful

    Psychedelic! Not so nice huh babe got another side to ya, hmmm seems like we should all be intrigued. Bet its beautiful too.

  4. Plenty of Lovin'

    Blues guitar again, yum yum, fun and games, cheers to you.:) Lets get together and knock out some lovin' too. That lead guitar is stroking me, yeah lets have a couple of more, for sure.

  5. Christopher Columbus

    Always liked this one, this song reminds me of THE WHO, don't it you??? The guitar the drums all of it, is sooooo "Whoish".

  6. You Are My Window

    Another one of those take it to the grave songs. The piano here is simple and yet powerful as it escorts the beautiful vocals of this song. Oh, please see, the key, my window. My prison, my reason, make me a good person the kind I want to be. Set me free, not perfect, but my window, not all love sense, but WE are, my window, my love, my dream! (The Perfect Pause) Wait...don't weep for door. Can't you just see those ivory keys?

Does not this album just rip your heart out??? Don't it just make you shudder down deep to your soul, in longing???? Did anyone on this list EVER see this album performed live anywhere??? Please share your experience with the list!

My heart has been softened by this album,
Jackie RAe

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