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While I have not been able to get my hands on the actual CD itself, I’m grateful to the BBC for making all of the tracks available to preview. I have read nearly all of the other reviews from fans all over the world and because they were so positive, I couldn’t wait to hear the new release. Maybe that was one of the reasons for my disappointment. I have been a fan for more than 25 years. I admire and respect Todd’s musical talent, creativity and ability to write beautiful melodies and harmonies, that when combined can move one to tears. However, LIARS does not showcase that talent for me. Overall, it sounds like No World Order Part II but I liked NOW much better. While it is not as hip-hop oriented, it’s not breaking any new ground for Todd, not that he needs to anyway. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting too old and set in my musical preferences but I would much rather hear new songs that sound and feel like the days of Something/Anything through Second Wind. Todd, if you’re out there, how about recording a CD of songs you have written but recorded by other artists? I’d love to hear your rendition of “Pretending”, “Selfless Love”, or “Heaven’s Falling” just to name a few. Am I the only one to feel this way? Of course I’m planning to see you when you come to Columbus, Ohio and I’ll continue to support you as an artist.   All I’m asking for is a little more of what made me a fan in the first place.

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