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Grade: B

To quickly review the video (CD-e) portion, i would say also a B for a first time effort. I like the "bouncing ball" lyric engine, but why did it not work in conjunction with the video? Too much byte space i presume.

Tables Will Turn
Good momentum, if that means anyting. the repitition almost ruins the song...stop the (fricken') tables from turning already.
If Not Know, When?
Should-be-hit song. One of todd's best about social issues.
Family Values
Grew on me. The Dan Quayle reference is a little dated, but the stupid family values debate continues into 1997 - why oh why?
Ultimate Crime
Does the song "Flesh" from healing come to mind. alright already with the heady issues.
Pure Todd.
A nice change of pace musically. The Beatnick thing works like NWO rap works. But I can take or leave this song.
Cast the First Stone
"out of control" "rape of the young" "public servant". we have heard this before. the CD-e video game is great.
Beloved Infidel
see "ultimate crime" above
Temporary Sanity
pretty good lyrically
Woman's World
Pure Utopia. Good theme.

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