The Individualist

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The new album, set for release by Pony Canyon Records in Japan next month, is a mixture of Rundgren styles. For those of you put off by NWO's "white-boy rap," expect a bit more of it on "The Individualist," although there is significantly less of it than on NWO. The title cut in particular draws heavily on rap styles, but is closer to Snoop Doggy Dog than "Todd Rap." Some highlights:

"Tables Will Turn" -- Except for a "Worldwide Ephiphany"-like rap bridge, this exhilirating album opener could have been on side one of "The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect."

"If Not Now, When?" -- A rocker whose blistering chorus recalls "Word Made Flesh" in melody, but is a much better song all around.

"Beloved Infidel" -- Almost completely without percussion, this is a synth-heavy mood piece that recalls "A Different Corner" by George Michael and "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins in its unhurried, dense style.

"Family Values" -- Enormously fun pop song that samples Dan Quayle speeches to typically ironic effect.

"Espresso" -- The "novelty" song. Everything you want to know about drinking caffeinated beverages while on tour. Probably the first song to rhyme "cafe latte" and "chocolate."

"Cast the First Stone" -- Blistering rant on hypocrites that strives to make "Fascist Christ" sound like "Compassion."

"Woman's World" -- In my opinion, the best song on the album (and also the last). Upbeat, fun, extremely danceable number in the "Something to Fall Back On" mold.

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