Hermit of Mink Hollow

Review by Stan Zylowski (Switch to

The album is a prime example of "Todd - victim of his own success". People who love the album want him to create more songs like these. Others point to these songs as typical, commericial sell-outs. (Die-hard Todd fans exist primarily to keep these two camps balanced.)

For the most part, the songs lift your spirits...so it is a good album to bring out with the first signs of spring. There are a couple underrated songs here: Hurting for You, Bread, Fade Away. With slightly different arrangements, they could have gotten air time. There is solid writing - although the playing can get thin since there is only todd and the studio. Even with all the background voices and intruments, live musicians would make the album feel more alive.


All the Children Sing
Hurting For You
Fad Away
Too Far Gone
You Cried Wolf
Out of Control
Lucky Guy
Bag Lady

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