Hermit of Mink Hollow

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Hemit Of Mink Hollow, ooooo so much 'feeling' in this album! Probably my best memory of this time was in college. I would drive up to the top of one of tallest hills in the area. There on top with woods surrounding two sides was the area called "The Point". If you looked southwest you saw the city skyline and directly south the Missouri River and another bluff. But if you looked WEST the view was breathtaking. The river winding ever so gently as it headed west, into the horizon. If you were there at sunset it was glorious, the sun would set right into the mouth of the river.

In those days I would drive my Z28 Camero around campus while wearing my Easy Rider motorcycle helmut. (The one with the stars and strips.) Yep, I was truely a loner but always puttin' on a scene. (K.C. cops new me well, cause I was such a clown.:):) I'd roll down the windows and open the car doors and then crank up the stereo, and sit on the hood of the Camero and listen To Hermit Of Mink Hollow.

Here are one line thoughts and expressions that come to mind now, so many years later down the road!

Side I "The Easy Side"

All The Children Sing - A song of celebration and life.
Can We Still Be Friends - The loss of a dream.
Hurting For You - A pain that never leaves.
Too Far Gone - Resolved to go on with life.
Onomatopeia - Bedazzled by desire.
Determination - A call for your love.

Side II "The Difficult Side"

Bread - Selfless love. (Great guitar licks on this one.)
Bag Lady - Pity and the shortness of life.
You Cried Wolf - A call to stop.
Lucky Guy - A wish.
Out Of Control - Busting through.
Fade Away - The eternal place together.

This album is fun and cheerful, heartfelt and serious. It is so well produced, and I especially like the song arrangements. Always a number one choice album for me, to sing along to!!!! Excellent.

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