A Wizard, A True Star

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I won't make the same mistake I did yesterday by trying to figure out the meaning of these songs. I will however say that A.W.A.T.S is my all time favorite Todd album.

I remember back in college we'd always put this one on when we were tripping. It was always great to watch people's reactions as the album went along. I think everyone in our group who DIDN'T have it soon added it to their collection after hearing it "ala 'cid."

I like it because it's extremely varied. (IMO) I like it because it keeps coming. It flows. When it came out on disc it was SO SWEET to me to be able to veg another 1/2 hour without having to get up to flip it over.

Total immersion. Total Todd. Total me out. Where is that 4-way windowpane anyway? "Da da Dali Hello"


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