A Wizard, A True Star

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"Awizard A True Star" An album that should be showcased at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame! Soooooo creative and ahead of its time. This is the TR style I love, and that endeared me to him. I was in the Army and living in Dallas at the time. Oh, how I'd love a return to those days of youth and friends.:):):) What a trip down memory-lane this album is.:)

Side One
International Feel: The airplane sounds etc. BLAST OFF folks! Never give up, theres always more; love:)
Never Never Land: Lets go there now...escape this place:)
Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off: Time for a rest, ahhhh.
You Need Your Head: Yep you do, your big and small.:):)
Rock and Roll Pussy: Todd inspires himself, go boy! Hmm.
Dogfight Giggle: *wolfgirl runs with the pack here, "Beavis and Buttheads" producers must have loved this song. In should be part of the show! This song really feels like fun sex.:)
You Don't Have to Camp Around: Gay times, lets all camp-out at Todd's!
Flamingo: King Crimson comes to mind here....:):)
Zen Archer: I want to march, then fly away, make a great escape. Ack, here comes that arrow, YES, hit me again! The "pretty bird" parts steal my heart.:):)
Just Another Onionhead: Hehehehe...pass the plate please.
When The Shit Hits The Fan-Sunset Blvd: Yeah, this one gets it. Use to slip this song, into TR "Rock Blocks" on "radio" just to get this line out.:)
Le Feel Internaciana'le: There is more! Great play on words here, this alblum shines with some of the best lyrics.
Side One
Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel: This song should have launched him, into SUPER stardom! Excellent!
Does Anybody Love You?: Didn't the line "love between the ugly is the most beautiful love of all", make you feel like OK, I got a shot at love.
I'm So Proud, Ooh Baby Baby, La La Means I Love You, Cool Jerk: Wonder who he was in love then? Or, was it a secret love?
Hungry For Love: Give me love, or a double cheeseburger, Quick! I start starving when I hear this song.:):)
I Don't Want To Tie You Down: Ah jesus...NAIL ME!
Is It My Name?: CRANK this one up! Erect, man cock way, this song makes me cream my jeans, what a sex machine...forget my own name.:):):)
Just One Victory: To much gossip going' round,...words become a tool, anyone can use them. Hold that line!!! (Held it so long my hands are bleeding.:)...) Lets keep prayin' and fightin' for it folks, GO›DOWN›FIGHTING....where's my sword. Sieg Heil- Hail Victory!
Magnificent, album.
Jackie RAe

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