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Utopia Another Live *note Roger Powell on the trumpet.

Theres a book in here somewhere, yep 1975 comes alive.

ANOTHER LIFE: The title track is awesome...OH man have you ever "danced" to this one? If not try it at least once in your LIFE, I could dance away the day, dance away into Another Life. You become soooo animated; its like modern ballet for me. This song TRAPPED me forever, if you ever wanted to leave your body and emerse yourself in the cosmos it will take you there.

I swear that I knew you in another life....dreaming, yes la, la, la, la, la, la, I knew you in another life, each night dreaming.:) Later in 1980-1981 I would produce a video to this song for my TV Procduction and Direction class in college. I got it to TR/and his troops twice. Did he ever see it??????

THE WHEEL: He played this song at last New Years in Chicago...what a surprise for us all.:):) Many of us had tears in our eyes. For some reason I am reminded of the American Indians durring this song. Not so much the music; but the peacefulness of a simple time and life where time turns the wheel mush slower and with some presense and awareness and meditation, one steps off the wheel of karma.

The SEVEN Rays: Another great dance song or me! Dancing on tiptoe grabbing those "rays"...bolts of light flowing through my mind dripping off my fingers, shooting out my head and toes. Prism drawing with my body sending those rays off into the universe of time and life. The power of the human mind, released in a positive flow of energy....this song projects me through time and space.

Side Two
Into MR. Tricuits. Systhesizer and guitar chasing each other like puppies playing in the yard...then one becomes an airplane and the other a mystical dragon...and they chase each other to the stars.:) Laughter and love appear as the instrumentation carries on, taking each other higher and higher in an animated celebration of the freedom of frolicing.

SOMETHING'S COMING: Yeah this is like a broadway musical...I can just see Fred Astere (sp) with Black Top Hat and a full production up on stage. The lyric "around the corner" kept me looking for years peaking and searching for life's ultimate surprise...ANDÝI'm still looking around those corners.:)

HEAVY METAL KIDS: 1970's rock song....ooohhh baby....Peter Frampton didn't have nothin' on this one. I wonder if it made it far on the charts...back then the whole album had to be good, before we bought it. I bet our generation ate this song and this album up, I know it was HOT in TEXAS. Killer guitar!!!

Yeah Jeff Lynne.:) TR, had to do this song! Bet Peter Frampton wishes he had done it. Do Ya want my love, come get it. At the time my boyfreind played drums I had just co-signed for a Ludwig quad-ra-plex drum set. He set up in the dining room and I'd ask him to jam to this song. I had long dark hair and he'd play along and I'd dance around his drum set throwing my hair around; grabbing the microphone and singing along. TEXAS has some knockout women too, my ballarina girlfriends from S.M.U. fit this song great. We hung out together alot! All of us short and petite with long hair black, brown, and blonde; little angels of youth and beauty.

Just One VICTORY: Reviewed this on Awizard a True Star...You all know it's excellant. Again, Hail Todd, Hail Victory, and in German, Sieg Heil!

For me this was the top of the mountain for Todd Rungren, though TR and Utopia would produce wonderful music and albums etc. that reach me at far different levels. This (far more than Peter Framptom) live album was an achievement of OURÝTIME. It sythesized the 70's and my life in Dallas, Texas like no other, and really nothing else can go back and change that for me.

"Another Life" the title track is magical to went beyond Initiation and A Wizard A True Star....beyond production techniques to bring to LIFE a "live feeling", that far surpases the studio versions of the other albums and tracks. IT is one of the best if not the best LIVE album of that era, in my humble opinion.:)

Dancing Off Into The Sunset.
Jackie RAe

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