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One of my favourite TR sides also. Some of the Todd's best music and lyrics to sing along with, with eyes closed at the top of your lungs. I find this side showing a whole range of emotions. Some of the songs (Love of the Common Man, Cliche) have been amongst the *best* TR songs I've seen performed live. I've gotten the impression over the years that Todd really enjoys performing these tunes, and has continued to do so for nigh on 20 years! Then again, could just be me projecting my feelings onto him. Either way, I'd love to know.

Also, don't forget the other interpretation of "Faithful", taken from Wibbly's TR Disc Notes II:

"The second aspect of FAITHFUL was to have no corresponding promotional campaign. Todd's theory, which was proven correct, was fans would pass the word the new album was out and sales would be the same as prior releases due to their faithfulness."

And so, 20 years later (for all you *old* enthusiasts out there), here we are again, the start of the end.

(And BTW Wib -- if you're still out there -- when's the next installment? It's been 6 months since the last!)

I've often felt that if someone didn't like side 2 of this record, they'll never "get it" with respect to TR's music.

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