Adventures In Utopia

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Looking at the list of songs, there are very few bad songs. The album may suffer from the "sameness of the songs" as do other utopia albums. But if todd and/or the group started into any of these songs in concert, i would be happy. Last of the New Wave Riders is great to listen to as is The Very Last Time. I like the faux-disco attitude of Rock is not great but i get the sense that todd is having a hoot. "Second Nature" is a likeable song in the vein of "Windows" from Oops. Set Me Free is a throw away ...just right for the radio heap. "The Road to Utopia" brings back memories of this album and the concerts. Caravan was overplayed.

Favorite to least:

Last of the New Wave Riders
Very Last Time
Rock Love
Second Nature
You Make Me Crazy
The Road to Utopia
Shot in the Dark
Set Me Free
Love Alone

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