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Hope I'm not late on this review. I swear we played alot of this album on the air at Q104 radio station. But that was in 1981-82. Hmmmm...this album must have had a long run cause it was released in 1980. I remember playing Shot In The Dark, and Last Of The New Wave Riders and You Make Me Crazy and On The Road To Utopia and Rock Love and maybe maybe The very Last Time. Hmmmm we went through a format change then from 104 FM The Voice of Rock'n'Roll; an AOR format, to Q104 We Play The Hits a CHR format.

Anyway I was still in my last semester in college and produced a Music Video for a final in my Advanced TV Production and Direction class. "You Make Me Crazy" and the song "Another Life" with computer grahics edited into the life footage sent all the way from San Franscio for my project..:) Got an A too.:):):) I was really proud because I was making Videos like Todd and MTV.:):) Wonder If TR ever saw it...gave one copy back stage In NYC to his engineer to show him. And then gave him one back-stage in K.C. directly to him. Hmmmm.

This album has to be the best pop/rock album Utopia ever produced in my humble opinion. HITS HITS HITS up and happy and fun and never too down.

I'm putting it on the turntable now. Yes I play albums! My husband owns a CD player. But then I love old jukeboxes and the old phonograhs too, and the old cylinder players...antiques now you know. Watch the value climb as folks enjoy the ORIGINAL sounds and equipment of the past. I'd love to have one of the old Quad systems and some Quad albums, they use to blow my mind!!!!

Hey don't you love the moon and the floating incased man on the Cover?:) I do...and the little symbols and sub-titles after each song lyric. Neat! I'll include them in " " here in case you don't have them. Isn't it strange that the episodes are in a chaotic order??? Anyone have a clue to the meaning of this???? We have a puzzle here and at the bottom of the page I have made a suggestion to try out.

Side One

The Road To Utopia
An Anthem perfectly expressing the great feelings we have for each other as Utopians.:) A Boat symbol "Episode 1 Road To Utopia"

You Make Me Crazy
*wolfgirl sticks out her tongue and wags her tail. You still make me crazy!:):) A Werid Face symbol "Episode 4 "Vinyl Is Final"

Second Nature
I have my ways and you and have yours, now enjoy it. A Pyrimid symbol "Episode 2 Second Nature"

Set Me Free
NO way....don't you set me free, I'm still falling. A Bird symbol "Episode 3 Eye For An Eye"

The guys really captured the essence of a Caravan here I mean ... its perfect I could ride all-night! An Animal symbol "Episode 8 The Oasis"

Side Two
Last Of The New Wave Riders
Thats us, the call to the artists and creators of positive change. A Man's Head w/Hat w/wings symbol "Episode 5 In Service To The Squad"

Shot In The Dark
Boom Boom Boom Boom she took off like a Bat out of Hell.:) Gun Control is Hitting your target.:) Great Song. A round circle with center symbol "Episode 7 The Doldrums"

The Very Last Time
My head may go crazy my heart it may burst, as we force the thing/love away from us that hurts. A Time Glass w/sand symbol "Episode 6 Freedom Fighters"

Love Alone
Yes it makes life all worth while.:):) A Flower symbol "Episode 6 (again) Freedom Fighters"

Rock Love
My faith strong as a ideal dream not fade away. A Torch symbol "Episode 7 (again) "The Doldrums"

Ok now the Puzzle of all this...someone or all of us should tape these songs in the Episode order! And experience this album in a whole NEW way. Maybe this album is the first interactive album because to get the theme or puzzle we have to edit it and tape it to get the new persceptions etc. We have do it ourselfs???? Just and idea guys but this is a mystery for us to play with.:):):) Anybody have any other ideas about this??

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