Second Wind

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Grade: C+

Overall, the album is too thick with sappiness. Todd's views on most subjects are compelling, but he could express them without the overhanded approach that too many of these songs have. Maybe it was the mood todd was in. The fact some songs were written for the theatre also played a role. (get it).

Change Myself

I don't really like this song, but i suppose there is enough redemption in the singing.

Love Science

Should be on the radio. The viewpoint is very creative and the music is funky....

Who's Sorry Now

"I am" for listening to this song. Good point, bad song.

The Smell of Money

Very good song. Emperor of the highway goes green.

If I Have To Be Alone

I have a soft spot somewhere for this song. but it does not belong on an album.

Love In Disguise

Terrific - well written and well sung. If it did not sound so theatrical, it too could be a hit. The lyrics here are simply artistic.


Needs some work. No offense to todd's grandmother.

Public Servant

Simple and straightforward - enough even for radio audience to understand. Too bad it never got there.

Gaya's Eyes

If Public Servant was simple enough for the radio audience, this song is another excellent todd song which is too complex to get noticed. Very artistic in the way "love in disuise" is. Poetic is probably better adjective then artistic.

Second Wind

Sounded surpisingly good live. As with many todd songs, the lyrics strike a bell, but the melody is too idiosyncratic.

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